Friday, June 19, 2015

Fresh Fruit.

I don't know whether you are familiar with Bel and her fabulous miniatures. I found her quite by accident and just had to have some of her realistic fruit.
I'd had a turned wood fruit bowl for years, standing empty and the fruit was just what it needed.

You can find Bel on FB Here or on her own web site Bel
Here the fruit bowl is on the sideboard in my new 1940s setting. Still a lot of work to do, such as stain the bare wood sideboard. The beautiful bowl of tulips is from The Flower Lady, crochet mat by Roslyn Treasures.
I've been back in England over four months and all this time I've been unpacking miniatures. Now at last I'm starting to make up the room settings again.
Sandwiches by Amanda Speakman, porcelain by Veronique Cornish
Pansy crochet mat by Frances Brown, white crochet mat by Roslyn Treasures.
Moving home was hard but I'm enjoying discovering every single one of my miniatures again!
It's Friday so I'll wish you all a very good weekend!
Gill x


  1. I had admired her work on facebook and I understand why you had to have some of her fruit.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous miniatures, Gill, the wood turned bowl is exquisite, just as the fruits are :)!
    I like your 1940s setting and all of the beautiful miniatures you have displayed here, enjoy unpacking your miniature stuff, dear friend :)!
    Wishing you a lovely weekend too. Hugs, Ilona

    1. Thank you Ilona, I am enjoying myself very much, but it all takes so much time!

  3. That fruit is really lovely and set off by such a beautiful bowl! Absolutely love the tea set and could do with a salad sandwich right now! Everything has an authentic 1940's feel. Nice to see you're settling in and getting out your miniatures again.

  4. The fruit looks real. I like these miniatures.