Monday, June 22, 2015

Lost Bunting!

Somehow, during the move I've lost my union jack bunting, surprisingly it's the only thing I've lost (so far)!
I've been practicing a new display for the Gift Shop.
It's Monday, a new week and hopefully, new ideas and new miniatures!
Have a good week,
Gill x


  1. That is a lot of national pride in one photo ;0P. I love the variations in the Union Jack cushions - especially the blue ones on the chair =0)

  2. Un precioso rincón!!!!!

  3. Wow, there are lots of union jacks at one place, Gill! It's a pity that you've lost them, I hope they will still be there somewhere...
    But Pepper's comment made me laugh :D!
    Hugs, Ilona

  4. Thank you ladies! Yes, I do get a bit carried away with my ideas. I make far too much! Hugs, Gill

  5. Hi Gil! I too, am a lady in love with the Union Jack and the variety of the cushions that you have made are Precious! Sorry to hear that you have lost your bunting in the move but hopefully it will re-surface before too much longer.