Saturday, September 15, 2018

Customer Toilet now in Place

Things went well with the renovations once I'd decided how to put a light in the toilet.
I made a false ceiling to take the light fitting which I'd made from a wired bulb fixed to a paper shade with a piece of silk clay. The clay air dried quickly and held nicely. I coated the paper shade with Triple Thick which gave it a nice gloss and also made the shade firm.

The wire went along the false ceiling and out through a hole in the back wall of the house.
That is a story in itself.
I fought my way into a cupboard and after removing several heavy items I got my little Black and Decker 'does everything gadget' out. I spent an hour sorting out the drill bits and trying to get a drill to stay in the chuck and eventually gave up, put it all away and poked the hole through the wall with my trusty little 'pokey thing with a handle' in two minutes.
I was then able to slide the new toilet cubicle into place, making sure the wire wasn't doubling up behind. Luckily it went well and the glue has now dried. I will never be able to show you the light as I can't get my hand and the camera inside the cubicle!

Today I spent hours and hours on the computer, designing some shop blinds. I had a couple of disaster prints and wasted two sheets of fabric but eventually made, what I think will look very nice once I get it fixed on the roller if I can remember how it went!

I hope your weekend started at least as good as mine.

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