Monday, November 8, 2010

Miniature Patchwork Room

Just before my fifth birthday I started school and sat next to a little girl who became my best friend. We played together after school, rode our bikes, slept in a tent in her garden, went on holiday to Butlins and met boyfriends together. It wasn't until she was married and I moved to a different area that we saw less of each other but we always kept in touch.
My friend makes beautiful full size quilts and saves her scraps of fabric for me. When I moved to Spain I asked her to make a quilt for my guest bed and as a surprise she made a wall hanging to match.
 This is the Beautiful Full Size Quilt and Wall Hanging.

We met up for a special birthday dinner two weeks ago and I gave her a room box I'd made of her work room. She was over whelmed as everything in it was personal to her and I was so pleased she liked it.
I'd downloaded photos of her quilts and printed them onto fabric to make the wall hangings and quilts.
The patchwork on the sewing machine I made from her scraps.

My friend was delighted with her present, I was happy to make it. How do people manage in life without a hobby?


  1. Realmente impresionante, son fantásticos esos trabajos en patchwork.

  2. Tu amiga estará feliz cada vez que vea la escena.
    Muy completa y con cada detalle lleno de cariño.
    Enhorabuena por tus manos y por tu amistad.
    Besos Clara

  3. My hobbies keep me sane, no doubt about it!!! The work that's gone into the roombox is amazing and quite right that your friend was delighted with it - I would be too!

  4. Preciosa!! No le falta detalle, muchas felicidades por tu lindo trabajo.

  5. That's fantastic! Everything the quilter could ever want.

  6. It is a wonderful room and a wonderful gift !

  7. You room box is stunning! I love the little details and the tiny quilters wonders. I'm sure that your friend will be happy to get that room box.

  8. Impressive work, I love all the tiny details!

  9. Thank you all for your kind comments. Loving what you're doing makes 'work' a lot easier!

  10. Que suerte tener tan gran amiga a lo largo de los años ! la colcha es magnifica y el quilt de la pared precioso.
    Esa escena será un orgullo para tu amiga "lleno de sus cosas " ... te ha quedado muy real, completa y alegre. Enhorabuena. Mariajo

  11. Hello!
    This is awsome, Amazing...
    I would love to make mine, can you please tell me how to make the quilts?