Wednesday, November 24, 2010

More Cakes for the Tea Shop

Today I made some cakes and two shabby style cake stands.
I enjoy playing with polymer clay but I'm amazed at how many different kinds of other things are needed. My table was crammed with stuff but I still needed to get more things out until my room felt very small!
It took almost two hours to clear away, putting every piece of ribbon and all the different beads into the correct boxes, the oven gloves and timer had to go back to the kitchen, the glue, varnish, paints and chalks, all back in the right place. Then there are the tiles, paint brushes, scissors, knife, tweezers, cocktail sticks, card, plates and dishes! I did a good job tidying up, but I'll do something different tomorrow although some cakes still need ribbon and a plate!
Here is a photo of the table with all the cakes.


  1. Very impressive! Jilly

  2. This table is a wonder! a feast for the eyes and stomach, as these sweet, not make you fat! ha ha!
    I like the stand, you've done with the punches?
    congratulations, you breathe "air of Christmas"!
    kisses, Caterina

  3. Que divertida y variada colección de pasteles te han salido me extraña que hayas necesitado mucho espacio para trabajar ... te han quedado muy bonitas y apetitosas .. me encantan los macarons ... estás enamorada ??? esos corazones ...Vas a hacer una escena de pastelería ?
    Un abrazo.Mariajo

  4. Hi Gillian,
    You have done great work with your mini cakes. They look delicious. Your french macarones looks yammy and those pink and white marenque sweets are irresistible.

  5. You made a very good job, all sweets look so mouth watering delicious. I love the monkey cake - nice idea to make something special for kids, in real life we do it so often.

  6. Very nice cakes and sweeties.

  7. Thank you for your lovely comments! I had fun making everything. Yes, Caterina, I made the stands with punched paper glued around a circle of clay, all painted and varnished. I used beads for the stands.

  8. Hi Gill! Your miniatures are amazing! I love the cakes. All you're miniatures are gorgeous!