Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas Swap to Kaisa

Now that everyone has opened their gifts I can show you what I made for Kaisa in Caterina's Christmas Swap.
For Fall,  I made a patchwork to put on a bed, or to use for a picnic maybe, with some little Halloween cupcakes.
For Christmas I made some gift boxes and Christmas cushions
And lastly the Toy.
 I was only sending the twin boy dolls but had to design a box for them, and as I love making boxes so much I made a whole range of toy boxes for her. I hope Kaisa has a big shelf in her dollshouse play room!


  1. All is very nice, detailed... Love your minis

  2. I had the best christmas ever, thank you Gill so much for having these. I'm very proud owner of all those :)

  3. Que buena mano tienes con el cartonaje ! te han quedado muy bonitas . Buen principio de Año ! Mariajo