Friday, June 11, 2010

My Blog - At Last!

I've been promising myself a blog for a while now but those of you like me, with too many hobbies will understand why things take so long to get around to.

Miniatures are my love - my life and always resurface eventually, despite every effort to force myself to do something I should be doing instead!
My concentration wavers when all I can think about is coming up with a method of making something new in miniature.

This year has been very different for me as I now have beautiful twin grandsons. Two perfect miniatures - and how I love them.
Although I've knitted, crocheted and am still making patchwork for them I can't help dropping the project in hand to take up my miniature needles and knit something tiny.

Having moved to Spain almost four years ago I've missed going regularly to fairs but the really exciting news is that an hotel in Nerja is holding a fair tomorrow and Sunday! It's hardly an hour drive away and I'm going tomorrow, - if it's good, I might have to go back on Sunday! I'll report back after I've been.

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