Monday, June 28, 2010

Birthday Party

Painting miniature tables and baskets didn't go according to plan. I did make a start but since then have been snowed under with real life size tasks largely due to the fact we live in Spain.
Residing in Spain puts us on the top of everyone's holiday list - to visit, well the family's list, that is and I have to admit I love it and enjoy preparing for guests and looking after them. But it does involve extra shopping time, bed making, cleaning - cleaning? What's that? And a drive of an hour and a half each way to the airport to collect and then again to drop off.

This week has been the week of my husband's birthday, so apart from the family guests we've also had a riotous garden party with friends, entwined with noisy football watching, agonisingly childish antics in the pool and far, far too much food and drink - especially drink. My favourite 'fizzy pop' was on special so there was many a bottle of that consumed along with all the other bottles and cans of whatever and the sangria my husband made - I dread to think what was in it but three large jugs were downed.

Today has passed in a flash. Despite the help I had, I wasn't finished getting the house back to anything like normal until 4pm this afternoon when I needed to lie down! All I've done tonight is cook a meal and I'm ready for bed again.

I'll get the tables done tomorrow - and we'll eat out.

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  1. Sounds like charly had a good birthday! I like a good pool party.

    Say hello from us x