Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Successful Fair

For my friend and I the Dollshouse and Miniatures fair at Nerja was a massive hit. Like two eager beavers we had arrived an hour and a half early, ensuring ourselves a parking place close to the venue.
I always promise myself that once inside I'll look at all the stands first, then go back to those I really liked and buy something. It never works and true to form I had spent 55€ at the first stand.
By lunch time both my friend and I had spent all our money and I'd walked up to the high street and maxed my visa card for the afternoon spend.
Having to stop for the customary siesta break here in Spain it enabled us to eat, rest and drop our loaded bags back to the car, starting the afternoon refreshed and eager to spend again. And spend we did.
It was busier in the afternoon and very hot but we managed to stay until it was time to drive to the airport to pick up my husband and with no more than ten euros between us. I'm too embarrassed to admit how much we spent but the stall holders did very well from my dear friend and I!

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