Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Magazine can be a Wonderful Thing!

I've been visiting my offspring and despite my dashing madly from one place to the other faster than the speed of light in order that everyone feels suitably visited, I'm feeling remarkably relaxed and unstressed! I was staying with my dear daughter and she bent over backwards to look after me, and her soon to be 'other half' is an excellent cook so I was almost sorry to leave!
Four days away from my miniature making I may well have had serious withdrawal symptoms if it were not for her digging deep into their wardrobes and supplying me with endless 'sewing jobs' as she puts it.

Flying forces me to sit and 'do nothing' as they won't allow me to take on board knitting needles, saws, scissors or the like so I bought a magazine and although I'd made up my mind before hand that I would be bored with it in minutes - I was wrong! Suddenly my head was back in 'miniature mode' and I was readily absorbing ideas for new projects!
How to 'Make It Small' is what I think when I hatch an idea and that is how I came to use this name for my website several years ago, although it's a shambles at the moment - but that's yet another hobby, isn't it? I'll get around to it one day when I have nothing to do.......ha!

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