Saturday, October 30, 2010

Drawing the Winner Soon!

There are only  six hours left to add your name to the list for the Birthday Draw, I'm getting excited myself!
As for my birthday, I had a really wonderful evening, thanks to the hard work of my daughter and her 'soon to be husband', who I've mentioned before is a wizard in the kitchen. I was sent out for the day and during that time he prepared all the food for a delicious three course meal, made a fabulous fruit cake, and decorated the house with balloons and streamers. All the other guests were our children and partners who gave me such lovely presents I was really over whelmed, and over weight - well, my luggage was going back on Ryanair!
I'll be back tomorrow with news of the winner! Meantime a photo of lovely presents made for me by my friend Oly, the other half of 'The Dollshouse Club', stitched on silk gauze.


  1. I'm impatient and hope!
    Thanks again for this opportunity!

  2. Preciosas las dos piezas de punto de cruz ... el cojin muy romántico y la cubretetera .. una casita como no !!! enhorabuena y feliz cumpleaños. Gracais por tu visita . Mariajo.

  3. So happy you had a lovely birthday celebration! Your friend does beautiful work!