Thursday, October 7, 2010

Keeping the 1 Inch Scale

Just a little thought - 1/12th  actually. Doesn't that mean that 1 foot becomes 1 inch? Some people call it the inch scale.
A six foot man is represented by a six inch doll. A three foot table becomes a 3 inch table. That is so easy to understand, measure and recognise, so why do some miniaturists now try to give measurements in metric, i.e. millimetres?
The metric system works in tens and is not easily and obviously divisible by 12.
It isn't just miniaturists in countries where only metric has been used but the English and Americans who have always used good old feet and inches are now doing it.
Anyone not understanding imperial measurements can easily buy a small ruler made of plastic for patchwork workers. They are marked in 1/8th, making it easy to measure parts of a foot to scale.
This little doll is the equivalent of a 3ft child but could you visualise if she was to scale if you were told she was 76mm or 7.6cm?
Can you visualise whether  a cupcake measuring 13mm is too big?
Well, it is. It equates to 1/2" (6 inches), you'd need two hands to hold it!
Please let's keep it 'the inch scale' and not ' 2.5cm scale'.


  1. I tried to get on here but did not succeed. I'll try again. I agree with you 100%. I detest the metric system. When Canada changed to metric, my mind totally rebelled against it and I have never adapted to it nor will I ever adopt it. I am strictly a foot and inch person. I think in feet and inch and always will.

  2. Here in the UK we are somewhat schizophrenic with regards to the metric system! Food is measured in metric (due to the 'good 'ole EU') but we still have roadsigns in miles! My children (who are 20) think in metric for weights and measures ~ and I find myself thinking in both metric AND imperial (I'm almost 50) ~ my, but life can be a tad confusing over here LOL

    When it comes to dolls' houses and miniatures, though, I DEFINITELY think in feet and inches ~ it's just SO much easier to convert and visualise things :-)

  3. We in Sweden have metric system only, so for us it would be nice if the 1/12 scale was both in metric AND inch :)