Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Swap

Some tiny packages arrived early for Christmas and I had to wait patiently to open them and discover the wonderful miniatures Caterina had made me!
Now I can show you the sweet little Robot which came in a tiny box. Here it is in the workshop of the Christmas house. (WE know Caterina didn't really make it - it was made here by Santa!)
And here it is, without the box in the lounge on Christmas Morning. There is also a carrier bag containing a present from Caterina under the table.
 Santa hasn't had time to finish decorating his house but Caterina also sent a Christmas Garland to cheer up his very dull front door, all he needs is a nail to hang it on!
And finally - a BEAUTIFUL, soft, warm and cosy dressing gown. When the summer is going and the nights begin to get chilly this is perfect for putting on and curling up with a good book on the sofa. Caterina has made it from the softest wool and decorated it with matching trim and a satin sash which is held in place with tiny belt loops!
Thank you so much for all the gifts, they are all wonderful and beautifully made.
I have looked on Caterina's list and have to say how imaginative everyone has been and delightful all the gifts are! Well done everyone and thank you again, Caterina for organising this very successful Christmas Swap.


  1. hi Gill, I'm glad you liked my minis!
    you looked inside the gift bag? there is still a gift for you! open the package!
    Your Santa is funny on the ladder .. :))
    kisses, Caterina

  2. Aahh! Another gift! I didn't like to spoil the little present in the bag, not knowing it was a REAL present for me! I will post a photo in the morning. Thank you, Caterina! Gill xx

  3. Que agradable y amoroso regalo! se ve muy confortable! que suerte tener tan buena amiga. Un beso.Mariajo