Thursday, July 1, 2010

A 'Me' Day

The house guests have now left and I'm waking again in the morning, feeling excited about what I'm going to be doing for the day.
As my husband is on holiday from work I showed willing this morning and put some washing in the machine before I started on my miniatures, broke off to hang out the wet sheets and broke off again later to make him sardines on toast.
He's happily putting up garden lights and even happier that I'm doing my own thing because when I'm busy I don't talk to him, or point out where he's going wrong. You know what it's like - very difficult not to mention that one of the lights is flashing and one isn't mounted straight but hey, I've got garden lights, a happy hubby and time for myself.
Here is a photo of a ladies writing box I made from a Spanish magazine Miniatura.


  1. hi there Gillian, just a quick hellow from Jackie & Allan just found your blog ..... wee ooak miniatures

  2. How lovely to hear from you, I'm glad you've found my blog. Did you notice the photos of some of your beautiful miniatures?
    Happy New Year 2011! Gill