Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dollshouse Club

I've moved home more than a few times in my life; I've had fourteen different addresses. A cousin once told me that I was using up all the pages in her address book.
All my previous moves were were in England, and mostly in the the south east until the last one when I moved here, to Granada, Spain.

Not that unusual one might think, lots of people settle overseas these days but this move was more remarkable than any other in one way.....
I moved home almost two thousand kilometres away to meet a lady who also moved from England to the same area and has all the same hobbies as me!
I have friends whose hobbies are knitting or sewing, scrapbooking and digi-scrapping, some do cross stitch, make cards, and of course collect and make dollshouses and miniatures BUT I've never met anyone else who does them all!

Oly and I got on from the start and usually have a 'making' day together each week. We both have enormous stashes of fabric, wool, polymer clay, embroidery floss, beads, heat guns, glues, cutters, glitters, paper, and such. One always has whatever the other needs, even inspiration when it's lacking.

Today in a sweltering garden we made hands for displaying gloves and bracelets, and heads and shoulders for hat displays and we even made a few cake bases and soaps!
We are happy little bunnies working away in our own, and probably the smallest Dollshouse Club in the world!

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  1. How lovely to have a friend with identical tastes - I bet you have tons of fun in the time you spend creating mini's together! :) x