Monday, July 5, 2010

Never Ending Miniature Projects

I didn't sleep well last night largely due to the planning going on in my head. Now that the visitors have left and a new week has started, I'm free to spend my days mini-making. But what to make? where to start? All the ideas I have and I want to do them all - now!
Never having been one for finishing anything, I have projects everywhere, half started. I had been painting furniture and made the most of our very warm days sitting under the new pergola and actually got a lot finished!
I have said that the ladies shop is ongoing - well, so is the tea shop. I painted a table, shelving and a magazine rack for that, as well as the magazine rack, basket and dress makers dummy for the ladies shop.
You may have just noticed that I mentioned magazine rack twice; that's because I had two of them made for me by my lovely friend Bob who makes me anything I ask, no job too small as it were, or too difficult. He's an absolute marvel. I now owe him breakfast, lunch and tea when we go to the Ali Pali fair in October.
As we're on the subject of fairs I want to show you the fabulous cakes I bought from Karen Kirby of Karen's Miniatures when she was here at the Nerja fair. They are beautiful.

Neither the Ladies Shop or the Tea Shop are yet built. Just two buildings still flat packed but I have emptied a huge shelf in my display cabinet for the ladies shop and half a shelf for the tea shop just so that I can get all my miniatures out of storage boxes and actually look at them!

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