Friday, July 23, 2010

Room Boxes

Thinking room boxes would be quick and easy projects to do I set out to make a little tribute to each of my off spring. I made and collected together as many of the toys and books they'd had as children, right up to their interests before they left home. I decorated the boxes as their bedrooms had been and filled them with as much as I could remember to capture the personality of each, including our pets and the odd discarded sock on the floor! Finding some of the items was difficult and I came across others I wasn't really looking for but I was wrong about room boxes being quick!
The box shown is for my youngest son who always had fireworks and pumpkins on his birthday as he was born on Halloween. He loved bits of wire, elastic bands and monkeys! His favourite food was spaghetti bolognaise (made by Linsminis) and the babies were made by Carol Illingworth (who sells on ebay as 6689katie).

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