Thursday, July 15, 2010


If I had to choose between all my interests, it would be miniature patchwork.
I have a passion for cotton fabric - the smell, the colours and the patterns. Fine cotton handles so well for miniature work and produces clean, crisp results.
I cut squares of fabric a little bigger than needed and tack each one to a half inch square of paper. I lay out the design on a cork board where each piece can be stabbed down with a pin until needed. Then, with right sides together I over-sew the squares together in rows and then over-sew the rows. To complete the quilt I back it with a piece of cotton.
After 1/2" squares I got smaller to 3/8th" squares and finally hexagons with 1/4" sides.
Hand patchwork is relaxing to do, needs very little fabric and the whole project can be carried around in a sweet tin. Many of my patchworks and mini carpets have been done on the beach or by the pool on holiday for this reason.
I sometimes buy sample packs of fabrics and I have a dear friend who makes the most beautiful full size patchworks and she saves me all her off-cuts.
It's a clean hobby, and other than a few stray threads, it doesn't make too much mess.

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  1. & how beautiful they are when finished! Pure eye candy! :) x